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4 Key Benefits of In-House Wastewater Continuing Education

Posted By Adam Downey on April 19, 2016


Wessler Engineering is pleased to announce that it now offers training and education services related to wastewater treatment in the form of workshops designed to educate and engage you and your treatment staff by applying “textbook” material directly to your specific facilities. 

1. Customized to Your Facility Needs

In-house training is specific to your facility and staffs needs. Presented by an Indiana Certified Wastewater Operator with experience as a municipal operator and as a specialized environmental consultant. 

Wessler’s own Class IV/D wastewater operator can present a fresh perspective on the wastewater treatment processes and operational procedures that they are already familiar with, in addition to expanding your staff’s knowledge about the underlying scientific principles used for wastewater  treatment design and operations and processess used at other facilities. 

2. Save Money and Time

In-house means no travel necessary for you and your staff. Save time by getting all of your staff’s CEUs at once.

Wastewater facilities operate 24/7 and many operators have to stagger training schedules so that someone is minding the treatment plant while the others are away.  In addition, seminars and conferences, while offering valuable insights into emerging technologies and processes, often consist of information not readily relevant to your operator or facility; cost time away from your facility; can add overtime for operators covering the trainee’s shift; travel expenses; in addition to the fee to attend the seminar itself.  By the time these costs are added up you could be paying anywhere from $30 to $200 per CEU.

3. Fresh Perspective & Interactive

By hosting our trainer at your facility, you and all of your staff can engage in a fully interactive classroom setting rather than a scripted powerpoint presentation.

The training workshop is called a workshop for this reason; our trainer is there to help your staff expand their own understanding of text materials and design and operation concepts; experiences both good and not-as-good can help to illustrate and emphasize alternative techniques; and our trainer can offer a “fresh set of eyes” to offer alternatives to “the way we’ve always done things.”

4. Something for Everyone

Wessler offers a number of IDEM approved courses to:

  • get your operators the CEUs they need to keep their certification active
  • introduce new hires, apprentice operators, and even local elected officials to the concepts and basic overviews of the various wastewater processes
  • expand even the most experienced operator’s knowledge about the physical, chemical, and biological principals used in the treatment process
  • and everything in-between

In addition, with adequate planning, custom workshops can be created and submitted to IDEM for approval at your request.

Download this CEU Workshop List.