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Quick, Easy, and Cost-Effective Way to Inspect Your Sewers

Posted by Brad Robertson on Monday, November 19, 2012 @ 11:00 AM

PoleCameraDo you have 10 minutes to spare?

In the time it would take you to get a coffee at Starbucks, you could have a clear photo of your community’s storm or sanitary sewer main.

With the introduction of the new haloptic quick view camera, you can quickly and cost-effectively inspect your sanitary and storm sewers to identify structural and maintenance issues and identify sewers that should receive closed-circuit televising (CCTV) and cleaning.

This piece of equipment combines an optical zoom camera with a haloptic light source that projects a halo shaped column of light conforming to the sewer main. The result is clear, digital video of conditions as far as 175 feet into an 8-inch sewer.

Using the pole camera to perform sewer inspections, will allow you to:

  • View a “real time” snapshot of your storm and/or sanitary sewer mains.
  • Identify and isolate a problem area.
  • Bypass the need to contact a costly CCTV company to clean and televise mains that may not be part of the problem.
  • Plan and prepare for future maintenance and rehabilitation projects.

Check out this video clip which identifies a partially collapsed sewer main at a 90° bend in the City of Beech Grove's sanitary sewer system.  

For a more updated version of this blog post, please review Performing Quick and Economical Sewer Inspections, which includes advantages and disadvantages of the pole camera.


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