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How to Create an Engaging Social Media Presence in Your Community

Posted by Tyler Graves on Thursday, May 01, 2014 @ 08:09 AM

Creating social media in communityAre you feeling skeptical about using social media? You are not alone! 

I was a caveman, living in the Stone Age, connected to the world through email and the telephone. No more than a year ago, fear and skepticism held me back from using social media platforms. Having no idea where to begin and fear of embarrassing myself, I refused to get connected. However, I quickly realized it is not that the world was beginning to change but that it had already changed.

I have to admit my age played a part in my inability to wrap my arms around social media. I had no clue what a tweet was, nor did I care. However, as I began to connect through social media, I realized the opportunities accessible to me in the diverse community in which I live -- cultural events, entertainment and community initiatives.

The use of social media will reach more residents in a format they are accustomed to and empower them to report issues within the community in real time. So, how do you accomplish this? It can be achieved through the creation of a productive and engaging social media presence.

In our previous blog post – Social Media: Connecting with Your Community – Grant Kleinhenz, Brownsburg’s town manager (@BrownsburgTM), shared with us how he uses social media to inform, engage and influence his citizens, resulting in the residents understanding the town’s issues and goals for helping move Brownsburg forward. Many of his residents have approached him and said “I know more about government since you’ve been tweeting.”

Ready to take the next step? Michael Reynolds, president of Spinweb, and I prepared this presentation (no sound included), which provides the information you need for creating a productive and engaging social media presence in your community. 

Do you have any questions after reviewing this presentation? Please share in the comments below. I would be happy to help you get started. Happy tweeting!



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