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Employee Spotlight: IT Department

Posted By Seth Morin on June 09, 2020

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In this Employee Spotlight, the Wessler Family recognizes our IT Department’s tremendous efforts in keeping everything running smoothly during the work-from-home phase. 

Bill Leber, Jason Mackiewicz and Kevin Patenaude each played a major role in getting the company prepared and organized to work from home on short notice. However, it did not stop there. Bill, Jason and Kevin were always available to answer questions, assist with at-home technical issues, educate employees on Microsoft Teams and its many uses and so much more! 

All of us extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Bill, Jason and Kevin for their guidance and assistance as we transitioned to working from home and now to phasing back into working in the office. Without them, we would not have been able to keep up quality work, tackle all sorts of technical challenges and remain as connected as we did. 

Thank you, Bill, Jason and Kevin! 

Below are specific words of praise from grateful co-workers: 

"I feel like, with the pandemic looming above our heads, the IT department made sure no one missed a beat and we could all work from home, therefore, protecting Wessler employees and making sure everyone is taken care of. Pretty cool that no one suffered major income loss due to this and now some of us can give back to others that were less fortunate." 

"Bill has done a great job getting people acquainted with Teams and its many functions, especially with Teams Tuesdays!" 

"Jason has been just amazing with the IT problems and questions I have had over this break!" 

"Kevin has been extremely responsive during this work-from-home situation. I very much appreciate his assistance!" 

"I appreciate Bill taking the lead with Teams and showing us all of the features that have kept us connected and even helped  streamline many things. Most of the features I probably would've never known or found on my own!" 

"Kevin has been a major help when issues have come up with connectivity and VPN during our working-from-home phase. He has fixed or found other alternatives for all the issues." 

"Jason has done a great and very efficient job of answering any questions I have or issues that have popped up." 

"Kevin has done an exceptional job; especially while we have been working from home." 

"Kevin has been keeping people working with very little down time and doing a good job being prompt." 

 Leber, Bill     Mackiewicz, Jason     Patenaude, Kevin

Bill Leber, P.E.                      Jason Mackiewicz                   Kevin Patenaude