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Employee Spotlight: Natalie Ercole

Posted by Seth Morin on Friday, December 21, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

Wessler is proud to announce that Natalie Ercole is the subject of this month's Employee Spotlight! Natalie joined Wessler earlier this year and is a key team member who serves in our accounting department.

We asked Natalie a handful of questions so that we all can get to know her better, including the time she went to Long Island, NY and found out the term "pie" there does not mean the same thing as "pie" in the MidWest.

What are your roles/responsibilities at Wessler?

First off, I am humbled that I was considered by my peers to be the Employee Spotlight, thank you! I am a staff accountant, with my main responsibilities being that I handle billings and back-up for Accounts Payable. This position is a true blessing.

What does the Wessler Way mean to you?

The Wessler Way means being ethical in every way, whether at work or at home, and being kind to others no matter when or where you are or what you do. I do my best to put my best foot forward when representing Wessler and taking pride in a job well done. The people here are very helpful and practice what a true team environment is. I look forward to retiring from Wessler (they may have to kick me out!). Also, when I grow up, I want to be like my boss Jim!

shutterstock_537020149What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

Spending time with my family and watching DVD’s...I am a home body at heart!

Do you have any accomplishments that most other people do not know about?

I used to be a fast runner and can be funny at times (when you get to know me)!

What are some things you have not done yet that you would still like to do?

Since my husband and I were married in Hawaii, that is already complete. I would like to go to Australia, but my husband wants to travel to Italy. So we will see!


What are some of the most memorable things you have done?

Being the 1986 Mother-Daughter title holders for Indiana and being on the cover of Indianapolis Women magazine, which led to living in New York on Long Island for 5 years and traveling to the city. And we got to be on the Montel show! The adventure was fun and exciting (except when we got lost once!).  I also learned that when asked if I wanted a pie, they meant pizza not peach. I met new people who said I had a funny accent, was and is truly something I will carry with me for life.

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