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Rain Trail Project – Fry Road in Greenwood, Indiana

Posted By Bill Leber on October 18, 2016


We were excited to help create this unique Rain Trail for the City of Greenwood, Indiana.

What is a Rain Trail, you ask? Keep reading.

The Problem:

The City of Greenwood had a drainage problem along Fry Road, due to aging infrastructure, standing water, erosion concerns, and difficult to maintain areas.

The corridor along Fry Road happens to connect shopping areas to residential areas, as well as City parks. The road is traveled by many pedestrians and cyclists. The City’s initial goal was to provide a sidewalk or trail and drainage improvements in the area, but there wasn't enough room to re-establish the drainage ditches and install a walking/biking path.

Insights and Solution: The Rain Trail

Wessler assisted the City in evaluating a variety of drainage solutions and cost estimates that included storm pipes, inlets, culverts, drainage ditches and one innovative idea that Wessler called a “Rain Trail.”

Wessler started thinking about how to effectively use the space available, while also solving the drainage problems. We considered pervious pavement for the trail surface. Stormwater would flow through the pavement and into a ditch-shaped system below that would convey stormwater flows. The drainage ditch would serve a double function, both trail and stormwater conveyance.

The Rain Trail turned out to be the most cost-effective solution and provided a green infrastructure option.

How the Rain Trail Works:

  1. Runoff percolates through pavement
  2. Stored in Aggregate Recharge Bed
  3. Runoff in excess of soil infiltration capacity enters perforated pipe

View the SlideShare below to see details about the project and how the rain trail works.


In conclusion, the Wessler Team was able to deliver a successful project that met the needs (providing a cost effective solution to restoring proper drainage) and wants (a green infrastructure trail that connects the residential area to the commerce area along the Fry Road corridor) of the City of Greenwood.