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Taglines...Few Words That Speak Volumes

Posted By Susan Nelson on July 29, 2021

You’ve seen and read them countless times on billboards, in print ads, on websites, packaging, and even on clothing. Taglines are a common marketing and communications tool used by companies and organizations around the world. These short phrases are part of a company’s brand identity.

But what’s their purpose and benefit? In general, the purpose of taglines is to summarize the overall benefits of companies’ services or products. Effective taglines evoke emotion.

Well-crafted taglines are marketing messages that provide a number of key benefits for companies and organizations both large and small:

  • conveys what a potential client or customer can expect in doing business with the organization.
  • assists in differentiating a company’s brand in the marketplace.
  • provides a competitive advantage within an industry.
  • helps potential customers remember the product/service, even if they forget the company name.
  • plays a key role in a company’s marketing and branding strategy by helping consumers feel more connected to a brand.

In short, taglines help clients and customers learn, understand, remember and connect to a company and what that company can provide them.

Wessler’s tagline, More than a Project reflects how important relationship building is to us. When our team begins a project with a client, we certainly focus on the work involved, but we also ensure our relationship with the client becomes – and remains – a priority.

We strive to be a client’s engineering partner for the long-haul, after a project is completed and in between projects when a client simply has a question or needs advice. We are there for them.

Listening, educating, communicating, following up, and being transparent and thorough are important factors that make our mission more than just the work we perform.

Many other companies’ marketing strategies include well-worded, highly effective, memorable taglines that strengthen their brand and reflect their company culture and the true spirit of who they are and what is important to them.

More than a Project is ours. What’s yours?