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[Webinar Recording] Avoiding the Emergency Room: Sewer System Health and Preventative Care

Posted By Seth Morin on August 19, 2020

Highway Signpost with Continuing Education wording on Sky Background.If you missed our latest webinar "Avoiding the Emergency Room: Sewer System Health and Preventative Care," then be sure to watch the recording below!

In this webinar, Engineer Nick Lyons discusses the daunting tasks of managing and maintaining a sewer system. However, like our own human health, a structured plan for preventative care is simpler and often less expensive than a trip to the emergency room. This presentation describes the steps of forming an asset management plan (AMP) to promote the health and longevity of a sewer system and reduce long-term costs. These steps include performing “check-ups” to investigate a sewer system’s condition, assessing the system’s “medical history” to prioritize maintenance and repairing and rehabilitating sewer systems when required.