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Why Your Community Needs a Stormwater Master Plan

Posted By Bill Leber on October 23, 2014

This past summer has seen more than its fair share of rain. With this rain comes drainage issues. What is your community doing to correct these issues? Where do you begin? How will you fund the required improvements?


Your first step should be to establish a Stormwater Master Plan.

A Stormwater Master Plan will:

  • Identify stormwater drainage issues

  • Recommend solutions

  • Prioritize and schedule improvements

A good plan is vital to ensure critical areas are addressed in the most efficient manner. You may have a solid understanding of your community’s needs and may already know what improvements need to be made.

Having a written plan is still critical. Here’s why:

  • Funding agencies will require a documented plan. In most cases grants and loans will not be considered without a master plan.

  • Budget resources are limited. Council and board members need to know why they are allocating funds and residents want to know where their fees and taxes are going.

  • Set realistic expectations. It may take a lot more time and money to correct your problems than people expect. If you've recently established a stormwater utility or plan to, you need to know how many projects your rates can fund over a set period of time.

Wessler can help you craft a Stormwater Master Plan that fits your needs and budget. If you have questions or want to get started, let us know!


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