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5 Reasons A Guaranteed Savings Contract is Right for You

Posted by Katie Jackson on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 @ 10:15 AM

Before we get into the 5 reasons, let's make sure we've got a clear understanding as to what a Guaranteed Savings Contract (GSC) is. A GSC provides a method for selecting a contractor for water, wastewater and energy projects utilizing qualifications. GSCs preserve the strengths of design-bid-build (DBB), while incorporating the value and performance benefits of design-build (DB). They are primarily intended for the replacement of something that is failing. One example would be a failing water main, with the curb and pavement above the main also included in the GSC. With that said, here are 5 reasons why a GSC might just be the right thing for you.

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Tags: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Funding, Ohio, Indiana, guaranteed savings contract

Infrastructure Funding for Drinking Water & Wastewater Projects

Posted by Mary Atkins on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @ 10:30 AM

For communities and water/sewer utilities in Indiana and Ohio, you may not know about funding sources that are available for drinking water and wastewater projects. We have pulled together some resources for you. There are federal dollars (from USDA, HUD and EPA) allocated every year to the states. Each state handles those funds through state-run programs. 

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It's World Water Day! Do You Know How Much Water You Might Actually Use?

Posted by Seth Morin on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @ 02:00 PM

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Tags: clean water program, Water for People, civil engineering, Drinking Water

Quiz: Got Maps?

Posted by Jeff Nugent on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 @ 10:30 AM

Take our quiz to find out just how useful your maps are and what opportunities are available to you with the current state of your maps. Regardless of the quaility of your maps, our team at Wessler is here to help you with your next steps. Also, download our FREE Field Services Guide, located toward the bottom of the page.

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Tags: utility lines, Drinking Water, Mapping, Wastewater

What's in Your Water: Backflow Prevention Programs

Posted by Allie Barcome on Tuesday, November 08, 2016 @ 10:05 AM


Do you have an active backflow prevention program? Is your backflow prevention program compliant with Indiana Administrative Code? Are you sure your municipal drinking water system is safe from contamination from cross-connections or backflow from private water systems?... If you answered "No" or "I don't know" to any of these questions, read on to learn more about keeping your drinking water safe.

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Tags: IDEM, Drinking Water, Cross-Connections, Backflow

[Webinar Recording] Water Loss Audit is done…What can I do with the information?

Posted by Marty Wessler on Tuesday, November 01, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

If you missed our most recent webinar “Water Loss Audit is done…What can I do with the information?” be sure to check out this recording. In this webinar, presenter and Wessler Project Manager Andrew Gordon, P.E. discusses why you should complete a water loss audit, key terms to know, interpreting results, and what next steps to take. 

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Tags: water, education, water loss, Drinking Water

Lead: The New Four-Letter Word

Posted by Jacob Barker on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

It wasn’t long ago that a simple bar of soap was regarded as the be-all and end-all solution to discourage children from using four-letter words, at least in the company of adults. If you have ever had the privilege of experiencing that sharp, bitter taste of a fresh bar of Irish Spring, then you know that nothing ever quite tastes the same again. Candy never tastes quite as sweet, soda never quite as fizzy and brushing your teeth becomes a much desired activity. One may conclude that a simple bar of soap is an effective means of eliminating four-letter words from a child’s vocabulary.  

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Tags: regulations, community water system, Drinking Water

Water Loss Audit Mandate: The Signing of Senate Bill 347 and What It Means for Water Utilities in Indiana

Posted by Andrew Gordon on Monday, April 11, 2016 @ 09:05 AM

On March 22nd Governor Mike Pence signed Senate Bill 347 into law, requiring water utilities complete a water loss audit and an infrastructure needs assessment and submit the results to the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA). The IFA is then required to compile the results and report to the Indiana General Assembly by November 1, 2016. The bill also requires the IFA to study, analyze, and report on the infrastructure needs of Indiana’s water utilities. The IFA is required to submit this report on Indiana’s water infrastructure to the executive director of the Legislative Agency by November 1, 2017. (IC 8-1-30.7)

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