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How Wise Municipal Leaders Work with Engineering Firms

Posted by Susan Nelson on Tuesday, January 07, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

As any effective municipal leader will tell you, leading a community is hard work. Every. Day.

In the challenging world of municipal government where local resources may be limited, but local infrastructure needs are not, bringing an experienced, innovative engineering firm into the fold is an effective and efficient way to reach your goals.

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Top 19 Engineering Apps We Use Every Day

Posted by Tyler Graves on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 @ 09:30 AM

From scientific calculators to estimation tools designed specifically for wastewater professionals, these are some of the mobile apps and tools we use on the job.

1. Wessler App

Wessler Engineering  has a free mobile app available for android and iphone. The app is a great resource containing training webinars, resources, guides, whiteboard videos and contact information.  Keep checking in, because there is new information added all the time.

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Old Fuel Can Affect Your Emergency Engines

Posted by Amy Harvell on Thursday, March 05, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

Until recently, I had no idea that fuels could be considered “old.” Old fuels can wreak havoc on an engine. There are even organisms that can grow in diesel fuel! Thanks to a recent training presentation, I am now better informed and I had to pass along the information to you.

Fuel Performance

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8 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Civil Engineering Consultant

Posted by Marty Wessler on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 @ 08:35 AM

When we were picking a consultant to redesign our website, we had very little support for how to make the selection. I know how to design a wastewater treatment plant, but I was certainly no expert in website design. This is not something I do every day, or any day for that matter – similar to your picking an engineer – and I was concerned about making the most cost-effective decision while ensuring our website reflected who we are. After exploring our options, we narrowed the list to three companies – all who were capable of designing a website. We were leaning towards the company with the lower price but realized their proposal didn't meet our needs. We chose the company (SpinWeb) that provided a blueprint pre-design and offered on-going support. During the project, we discovered how well they listened to our needs and solicited our input every step of the project. We made the right decision, which has led to a long-term working relationship, but a list of questions would have simplified the selection process.

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What can your consulting engineer do for you?

Posted by Dylan Lambermont on Wednesday, October 02, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Civil engineers are involved in the planning behind your everyday needs. Whether you are brushing your teeth, flushing the toilet, or driving across a bridge on your way to work, a civil engineer’s work affects these simple tasks many may take for granted.

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