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AWWA: Water utilities urge building managers to freshen water systems before reopening

[Webinar Recording] Cost Savings at the WWTP

What I Want You To Know

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Brauen, P.E.

[Webinar Recording] Identifying Wetlands for Project Planning and Plan Review

Employee Spotlight: Eric Vance

Wine To Water: Effective and Simple Engineering

How Wise Municipal Leaders Work with Engineering Firms

Employee Spotlight: Rich Gregory

[Webinar Recording] Case Study: City of Lawrence's Capital Improvements Planning

What’s in My Backyard? Campaign Promotes Volunteerism

Risk and Resilience in the Water Sector

Employee Spotlight: Jim Purtee

(PODCAST) Indiana's Water Infrastructure Task Force with Marty Wessler

A Healthy Sewer System: Prevention is the Key

Employee Spotlight: Steve Bailey

Gaining New Insights: Reflecting on the 2019 INAFSM Conference

Knee Deep in Activated Sludge at IWEA

(Webinar Recording) Replacement or Rehabilitation? The Economics of Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Employee Spotlight: Paul Robison, E.I.

Four Keys to Proper Construction Observation and RPR Work

Life and Times of a Business Development Representative

Employee Spotlight: Katie Jackson, E.I.

Programming - What is it and How Can it Help Your Operation?

Employee Spotlight: Brian Price

Sister City 30th Anniversary Celebration

[Webinar Recording] Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

(WITtec 2019) The Team Effort Behind Pretreatment Coordination and Municipal Operations

Employee Spotlight: Kasey Marley, E.I.

Total Nitrogen Monitoring and What You Need to Know About It

Employee Spotlight: Jay Dial

Staying Young, Staying Dumb

Employee Spotlight: Natalie Ercole

[Slideshare] Avoiding Environmental Impacts During the Interstate 69 Utility Relocation Project

Employee Spotlight: Kwabena Adu-Sarkodie, P.E.

[Downloadable Offer] Asset Management Requirements; Good, Better, Best!

Employee Spotlight(s): Blaine Howell, E.I., & Emily Tomey

City of Salem Leaders’ Quick Thinking Helps Expedite Recovery Efforts After Furious Flood

Employee Spotlight: Adam Sitka, E.I.

{Infographic} Public Notification Plan Requirements for Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)

Top 3 Takeaways from IWEA 2018

Employee Spotlight: Amy Harvell, CHMM, RPC

Wastewater in Your Ears, Too [IWEA Digester article]

Employee Spotlight: Jeff Ballard, P.E.

[Webinar Recording]: Alternate Sewer Rehabilitation Methods: EXpanding the Toolbox

Employee Spotlight: Allie Barcome

Developing a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)

2018 MS4 Annual Meeting - Important Takeaways!

Asset Management Offer

Employee Spotlight: Andrew Thompson, P.E.

Wessler Engineering's Transportation Services

Bids, Quotes & Other Project Delivery Methods

Employee Spotlight: Megan Carr, P.E.

Employee Spotlight: Stanley S. Diamond, P.E., BCEE

Do You Know Where You're Going? A Story on How Mapping Can Eliminate Many Headaches

{Webinar Recording} MS4 Training for Construction & Post-Construction MCMs 4 & 5

What you need to know about INDOT Utility Relocations (Q&A Part II)

Employee Spotlight: Ty Graves

What you need to know about INDOT Utility Relocations      (Q&A Part I)

Gary Ruston, IWEA Board President

Employee Spotlight: Aaron Andrews

Indiana MS4 Annual Reporting – Are you ready to submit to IDEM?

(VIDEO) Monticello WWTP Lunch & Learn Tour

Employee Spotlight:  Brad Robertson

HEC-RAS Flood Modeling...What is it?

[Webinar Recording]: CSO LTCP Cost Savings Through Green Infrastructure

Employee Spotlight: Jason Walker

Green Infrastructure: Permeable Pavement

Employee Spotlight: Josh Hood

[Hot Topics]- Energy, Sludge and Sewer Rehab

Wessler Welcomes John Haverstock

Employee Spotlight: Bridget Philpott

[Field Trip]  Belmont Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

Employee Spotlight: Electrical Group

[Webinar Recording] Asset Management for Capital Planning

5 Reasons A Guaranteed Savings Contract is Right for You

Employee Spotlight: Joe Bartos

Infrastructure Funding for Drinking Water & Wastewater Projects

Rain, Rain Go Away

[Quiz]: Can Your Wastewater Collection System Handle It?

Top 10 Stormwater Utility Formation FAQs

Employee Spotlight: Michelle Everetts

It's World Water Day! Do You Know How Much Water You Might Actually Use?

[Webinar Recording] Implementing Your MS4 Program During Winter

Employee Spotlight: Cherie Olson

Quiz: Got Maps?

14 Things We Love About Working with Our Clients

Alphabet Soup of Engineering Credentials: So, Wait, What Does that Mean?

Employee Spotlight: Mary Such

Q&A: INDOT's SWQCP with Michele Meyer

Employee Spotlight: Don Thompson

What Are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs? [Infographic]

How Are Fish Like Light Bulbs?

Employee Spotlight: Kasey Marley

What's in Your Water: Backflow Prevention Programs

[Webinar Recording] Water Loss Audit is done…What can I do with the information?

Rain Trail Project – Fry Road in Greenwood, Indiana

Installing a Water Intake in the Depths of Lake Michigan

Employee of the Month: Frankie Tracena

Elevated Nitrates and Boil Order Notices - A Potentially Lethal Combination

Five Takeaways From INAFSM 2016

Three Takeaways from IWEA 2016

Employee Spotlight: Aaron Hutton

Top Four Reasons to Have Construction Inspection on Your Project

Lead: The New Four-Letter Word

Employee Spotlight: Bill McGuire

6 Ways to Make Summer Projects Better for the Environment

Aeration Costs Breaking the Bank?

Public Works, Always There

Have You Completed Your Consumer Confidence Report?

4 Key Benefits of In-House Wastewater Continuing Education

Water Loss Audit Mandate: The Signing of Senate Bill 347 and What It Means for Water Utilities in Indiana

Keeping Your Municipally-Owned Airport in Compliance with Rule 6

Wessler's New Video Library

5 Most Important Manhole Inspection Items

Employee Spotlight: Jason Mackiewicz

The Basics of IDEM's New Wipes Rule

Municipal Employee Training Webinar [Recording]

Are Sump Pumps Costing Your Community Money?

[Infographic] 6 Ways Wessler Helps Industries

Free Water-Loss Audit Tool for Your Distribution System

Employee Spotlight: Lucas Woeste

Dispose of According to the Regulations...

Employee Spotlight: Joe Bartos

[Infographic] Do You Need an SPCC Plan?

New Requirements for SRF Wastewater Loan Recipients

Employee Spotlight: Brad Robertson

Wastewater Operators, Have You Switched to NetDMR Yet?

The CLEAN Community Challenge

[Webinar Recording] LiDAR and Its Applications

Q&A: Back the ____ Up!

Employee Spotlight: Brad Robinson

Top 19 Engineering Apps We Use Every Day

49 Things You Should Never Flush or Pour Down the Drain

Employee Spotlight: Jessie Johnson

GHS Requirements – The Basics for Labeling

What is Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)?

5 Tips for a Successful Municipal Pretreatment Program

Employee Spotlight: Curtis Grannan

ACE Mentor Program

Tank Raising Project in New Haven, Indiana

What Do You Know About Cogeneration? [Quiz]

Employee Spotlight: David Schminke

[Webinar Recording] Reducing Inflow and Infiltration in a Sanitary Collection System

Wastewater Operators: Download the New IDEM Incident Report Form

4 Ways to Make Summer Projects Better for the Environment

Jacob Barker Receives CPESC Certification

How To Make a Model Rain Garden: Day of Giving at Brown Elementary School

Employee Spotlight: Emily Nelson

Amy's Top 5 Tips for Chemical Handling

West Lafayette Highlighted in EPA Report: Food Waste to Energy

Employee Spotlight: Gale Rebennack

Stormwater Basins: How Detention and Retention Ponds Work

Flushable Wipes Are Causing Superknots in Sanitary Sewer Systems

Employee Spotlight: Shawn Perkins

7 Things to Know About Adding Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) to Your WRRF

Did You Miss This Week's Webinar About Public Protection Classification and ISO? Watch It Here [Webinar Recording]

Wessler Employees Talk About World Water Day, March 22

How Fire Hydrants Affect Your Community's Insurance Rates

Employee Spotlight: Dylan Lambermont

Old Fuel Can Affect Your Emergency Engines

Forming a Stormwater Utility: 5 Major Lessons Learned

Employee Spotlight: CAD Technician, Jason Walker

Waste Oil or Used Oil? Hazardous Waste Rule for Oil

Did You Miss This Week's Municipal Employee Training Webinar? Watch It Here

MS4 Good Housekeeping Do's and Don'ts

7 Words That Have a Different Meaning to Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

Best of Wessler Educational Resources in 2014

Best Practices for Avoiding a Costly Sanitary Sewer Connection Ban

EPCRA, Wastewater, and Air…Oh my!

Employee Spotlight: Engineer, Adam Sitka

Oxidation Ditch Upgrade Energy Savings While Increasing Peak Flows

Is your flow meter accurate?

How to Prepare Your Construction Site for Winter

Oil, Chemical and Waste Handling Training for Utility Employees [Webinar Video]

Checklist to Prepare for the MS4 Municipal Operations Audit

Two Resources for Oil, Chemical and Waste Handling Training

Why Your Community Needs a Stormwater Master Plan

6 Steps to Performing a Smoke Test

5 Clean Water and Sustainability Resource Websites and Apps You Have to See

Can You Pass Our Stormwater Management Quiz?

5 Beautiful Examples of Community Stormwater Education

What is Cogeneration and How Can It Save Your City's Wastewater Budget?

How Industrial Requirements Affect a Municipal Pretreatment Program

Performing Quick and Economical Sewer Inspections

How to Create an Engaging Social Media Presence in Your Community

In case you missed it...Wellhead Protection Training for Utility Employees [Webinar]

How to Build Industrial and Municipal Partnerships for Clean Water through Pretreatment

Neglecting utility employee wellhead training can lead to disaster! [whiteboard video]

How to Avoid Destroying Your Reputation in Your Community

8 Sustainable Solutions to Battle Wastewater Treatment Plant Costs

Are your floodplain maps accurate?

How to implement your Wellhead Protection Plan

Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities

8 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Civil Engineering Consultant

11 Steps to a Healthier Sanitary Sewer System

How to make your Consumer Confidence Report more informative

Losing Water: One Main Break at a Time

8 Reasons to Update Your Combined Sewer Overflow Operational Plan

Hazardous Chemicals: Local Responders Need to Know!


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